inet Cafe Server

inet Cafe Server

Using this software you can control/handle all computers of you cafe
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Using this software you can control/handle all computers of you cafe from your seat/desk. inet cafe management software have many unique features optimized for Internet Cafe and Game Zone. Maximizing your profits. Easiest internet cafe software. Multiple products under inet softwares provides complete Solutions to a Cyber Cafes for better Cafe Management with features on Cafe’s Security, Accounting, computer Management, Income Reports and Entry wise reports. And yes this is the worlds’s best cyber cafe management software.

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  • Question: Just wanna to ask, I use this monitoring system in an Internet cafe. If I were an administrator, can I log out or shut down 14 PCs or an individual PC? I want to use only 1 computer for all these things. Is this possible?

    Yes, if you are logged in with an administrator account, you can make any action from the ones mentioned above. After you opened the program, all the connected computers should appear on the right side of the window. By right clicking on any of them, you should be able to log it off or shut it down. This can be done for every item displayed. Unfortunately, this product was discontinued by the developer, so you won't be able to receive any support for it.

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